Friday, March 2, 2012

Prom Shopping Tip #1: Can't Own It? Rent It!

It's prom season! If you haven't already started looking for your dress now is the time!
Many girls dream of the prom night as soon as they learn what it is (I was six and I saw it on the Rugrats) and all you want is for the night to be perfect right? Perfect dress, date, limo, the works. But many of us have one thing keeping us from that perfect night: Money. So what can you do to save money on your big night?
For those that have haute coture dreams and a retail budget, there is a miracle website called Rent the Runway.
Rent the Runway is an online store where you can rent designer clothes for 90% off retail price. Imagine wearing a $1,000 Herve Leger bandage dress for $100 or an $800 necklace for only $95. Sounds amazing right? It gets better. Once you find your dream dress, you simply reserve it up to six months in advance for the day of your event. They ship it to you two days before your event, and they pay for you to ship it back two days after. No dry cleaning needed! At first it may sound risky. There are so many things that could go wrong. What happens if what you order doesn't fit? What happened if you spill something on it or tear it? Well the ladies at Rent the Runway have all of that taken care of!
Before ordering your dress, check the sizing and fit tab. It uses as much detail as possible to let you know how the dress will fit. Whether you're worried about, height, hip size, bust size, body shape, they've got it all there for you. Once you do order your dress, you can automatically select a backup size at no cost to you. If the second dress still doesn't fit, you can send them back and your money will be refunded.
If you are worried about spilling something or tearing your rented item you can buy insurance for $12.
Rent the Runway also has a huge variety of jewelry, handbags, and wraps for the night.
Rent the Runway is an amazing website. And I should know; I wore an Herve Leger bandage dress for prom my junior year:
Searching for the perfect dress can't be any easier. You can narrow down your search by event, age, body type, length, size rental fee, date, color, neckline, embellishment, sleeve, style, and designer! And if you need any help you can chat with one of their stylits to find the perfect look for you!
So try Rent the Runway today!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes March 2012

03/01- taylor
03/02- chiffon
03/03- snooki
03/04- curler
03/05- liner
03/06- primer
03/07- palette
03/08- mascara
03/09- pencil
03/10- shadow
03/11- pedicure
03/12- polish
03/13- stickers
03/14- purple
03/15- manicure
03/16- crackle
03/17- dry
03/18- wash
03/19- wipes
03/20- zeno
03/21- purpose
03/22- lotion
03/23- face
03/24- fruit
03/25- red
03/26- orange
03/27- natural
03/28- violet
03/29- pink
03/30- coral
03/31- brown

Grand Prize: swag