Monday, August 29, 2011

Campus Visit: UC Santa Barbara

Looks on Campus: UC Santa Barbara

Quiksilver shirt
$38 -

Miss selfridge
£35 -

Pepe leather jeans
£39 -

Vans rubber shoes
$99 -

Schwinn Women's Paisley Cruiser Bike - Teal (26") : Target
$200 -

This is the second college we visited on our trip. This first thing we noticed about this campus is the millions of bike racks, the second thing we noticed explained it: it was absolutely HUGE! It was it's own city in itself and even had it's own private beach! This is a really good school for science based majors, but be careful (or not) because it's one of the top five party schools in the country!
And of course we went shopping afterwards (three cheers for the three stories Forever21)!

Visit the UC Santa Barbara website here
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movie Makeovers: "Sabrina"- Before

Movie Makeovers: "Sabrina"- Before
Total: $101.13

  Sabrina Fairchild is the daughter of a chauffeur and has been in love with David Larabee, the son of a wealthy family who never notices her. When Sabrina travels to Paris to study to become a chef, she comes back home a changed woman...

Dorothy Perkins navy cotton dress
£20 -

Dorothy Perkins longsleeve t shirt
£10 -

Call it SPRING floral shoes
$17 -

ASOS saddle bag
$27 -

Dorothy Perkins skinny belt
£5 -

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School Shopping Finds: Target


Find Number Two: An acid wash denim shirt $19.99. Find it here.
This top is not only versatile, its comfortable!

Find Number Two: A Cognac crossbody $24.99. Find it here.
I thought it wouldn't work for me because it's so small, and I normally carry satchels, hobos, and totes, but this has so many pockets!

I already have an outfit in mind for these items and two other back to school shopping finds (this one and this one).

Summer to Fall: Street Air

Image effects courtesy of Pixlr O-matic
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Back to School Shopping: Consignment Shops

This year for Back to School shopping, I decided to visit local consignment shops and see what I could find. Consignment shops are places where people can take their clothes (used and in good condition or never worn) to sell them and make money. It is by buying other people's clothes that gives you amazing deals.

 I have heard by many expert shoppers about the wonders of consignment and vintagae stores, but I have never tried them out until now. Now I am hooked! Here are my finds from yesterday:

A blush toned cashmere cardigan from Talbots for $18.97. Still in perfect condition.

And my most amazing find of the day: A pure white blazer from Iisli New York for only $10! Also in perfect condition

This was my favorite piece from my mom's find's of the day: A brand new Jessica Simpson bag for $25.

Consignment shopping is like a treasure hunt, where designer clothes suddenly fit in your budget and if you're lucky, they are brand new and never worn.
Know that when you are going to consignment shops, the clothes there will always be in good condition because it is a requirement for selling them.
It is also a good idea to keep a list of designers and brands that make high quality clothing. It can change your perspective sometimes.

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Campus Visit: UC Santa Cruz

University of California Santa Cruz

Wet seal dress
$27 -

Bomber jacket
£50 -

H&M knee high boots
£30 -

Canvas tote bag
$129 -

This was the last college we visited on our tour. It was on a mountain in the middle of a California Reserve, so even though it was clody and cold, it was beautiful. Afterwards, we drove about 15 minutes and spent the rest of the day at the beach in Santa Cruz.

To visit the UC Santa Cruz website, click here
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School Shopping Find: Leopard Print Flats

This is my second shopping find of the year. Leaopard skimmers from dELiA's! They were $34.95 before tax and shipping, and they are very comfortable and fit perfectly.
Find them here
*Note: Their Wanted line of shoes run slightly big, but not big enough to slip off of your feet. Think of it as extra toe room! If it is big enough that it is uncomfortable for you, dELiA's does allow returns and exchanges so you can buy a smaller size.

Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Save on Textbooks

memes - Y U Add To Student Loans?
see more Memebase and check out our Troll Face lols!

It's that time of year when college starts and a boatload of money is spent on stacks of paper and string called books. Buying a book full price can cost as much as $150! If you need six books for one semester, that can really start to add up. Now is the time to look for other options:

1. Buy Used- Buying used books can help save almost 50% off books and they work just as well as new ones. Many college book stores or book stores in the surounding area offer the option of buying used.

2. Rent- If you aren't the type that prefers highlighting and writing in text books, renting may be the perfect option. Online websites like Barnes and Noble and Chegg allow you to rent your books for a certain amount of time, depending on the length of your class. All you have to do is keep it in good condition and return it by the due date.

3. Go Electronic- If you don't mind reading from a screen, purchase or rent your textbooks for your computer, tablet or reading device such as the Nook or Kindle. Doing this can be the difference from spending $100 to $40

4. Shop Around- Before buying or renting your books, check all of your options for the lower price. Remember to use your discounts or coupon codes. Sign up for emails or free memberships if it gives you a discount off your order.

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Campus Visit: UC Berkeley

Looks on Campus: UC Berkley

Dorothy Perkins shirts blouse
£30 -

Cotton vest
$24 -

H&M slim fit jeans
£30 -

TopShop leather brogue
$60 -

Hayden Harnett logo tote
$28 -

I'm back from my week-long College Tour with my classmates. We visited four colleges. I created a set based on looks seen on each campus and here is the first from the University of California Berkeley!

Also: here are my favorite pictures from the Berkeley campus:

Visit UCBerkeley's website here
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