Friday, September 30, 2011

Seventeen Freebie Codes October 2011

10/01- fierce
10/02- country
10/03- choir
10/04- pop
10/05- beat
10/06- scratch
10/07- tickets
10/08- party
10/09- diva
10/10- robot
10/11- club
10/12- crowd
10/13- pink
10/14- popcorn
10/15- dance
10/16- rock
10/17- twin
10/18- arts
10/19- seats
10/20- watch
10/21- screen
10/22- blast
10/23- play
10/24- fun
10/25- golden
10/26- live
10/27- sound
10/28- theater
10/29- concert
10/30- move
10/31- wide

Grand Prize: music

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nails- Newspaper

Hi everyone! I know it has been a long time since I last posted, school work has got me beat!

This time I tried my own versoin of the newspaper nail art design by CutePolish; a YouTuber who has the cutest and easiest nail art designs!

The polish I used is NYC in Taxi Yellow. This had to be the easiest art I have ever done! The only problem I had was nail polish coming off when I applied the newspaper. You have to make sure, you let the polish dry completely before using the newspaper or else it will smudge or come off.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nails- Magazine Designers

For my newest nail art attempt, I tried magazine nails. It had to be one of the easiest designs I have ever tried and I love it for that.
All you have to do is cut words out of magazines (I chose some of my favorite designers and brands) and stick them onto your nails.

Before starting on my nails, I went through some old magazines and found all of the names I was looking for. I tried to keep all of the words on white backgrounds so the look would be uniform. Next I started with a base coat and once it dried I applied one thick coat of "Terracotta" nail lacquer by ORLY. As soon as I finished one hand, I used tweezers to gently press the words onto my nails. To make sure the ends stuck, I had to press the ends down for about 30 seconds.
To finish it all off and to make sure the words didn't come off, I topped it off with a clear coat by OPI.
This look lasted the longest out of any manicure I've ever done. It lasted 6 days with only minor chips near the top. The only problem was that after a shower, the words would sometimes lift off of my nails at the ends, so I had to add another top coat to the nails that had messed up, but other than that the maintenance was fairly easy.

Any questions of comments? Leave them below!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Movie Makeovers: "Sabrina"- After

Movie Makeovers: "Sabrina"- After

When Sabrina returns from Paris she is a more mature, sophisticated young woman. She finds that not only has David fallen for her but so has his brother Linus... (Spoiler Alert! Click here to read a synopsis of Sabrina)

Party dress
$72 -

Olsenboye high heel pumps
$40 -

Oasis evening handbag
£20 -

Worthington silver earrings
$13 -

All Saints long leather glove
$85 -

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Little Ways to Get Moving in a Busy Life for Free!

As we go further into the school year, between homework, jobs, and a social life, there are few oppurtunities for exercise (and let's admit it, working out only on the weekends isn't enough).
Here are a few simple ways to add a little movement in your everyday life.

1. Dance around a little- Take a little break from studying and dance around to your favorite song or create an upbeat playlist that you can dance to while cleaning. Not only will it get you moving, but it will put you in a better mood. When homework is frustrating you, taking a short dancing break will give you a small "Runner's High" which will help you stay focused on your work.

2. Tap it out- While reading, on the computer, or other activities that involve sitting for a while, fidget a little. Tap your foot, wiggle a little to some music, bounce your leg anything that involves small movements. Just make sure they are natural enough not to make you look like a crazy person! Research shows that fidgeters burn about 350 more calories a day than those who don't fidget.

3. Step to it- This is a workout that many people have used for many years: The step stool! I didn't think of the idea until using the step workout on the Wii Fit.
Think of how much time you spend watching TV; instead of sitting through the whole show or movie, take steps on and off the stool and if you're great at multi-tasking, do it while reading. (80s leotard not required)

4. Do it yourself- If you have younger siblings or cousins, then you may sometimes have them get things for you ("Can you go upstairs and get my phone?"). Get moving by getting things yourself; your family members will thank you.

5. Go the extra mile- Not literally of course, but this one's a no brainer. If you've got the time, walk to your destination instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Park farther away in the parking lot.

Staying healthy with a busy schedule can be difficult, but staying active can involve simple and short steps!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get the Look: J Crew Fall 2011 Lookbook

Get the Look: J Crew Fall 2011 Lookbook- Trench

Happy September! It's time to prepare for cooler weather and where can you get inspiration for new fall outfits? Lookbooks! The problem is, you can't always afford the pieces used in the lookbook.
Here's how to recreate one look from J Crew. The original outfit price is about $920, the recreated outfit price is $292

TFNC draped top
£19 -

Dorothy Perkins double breasted coat
£45 -

ASOS reversible pants
$37 -

BCBGeneration wood shoes
$75 -

Satchel bag
$76 -

Any Questions or Comments? Or are there are any lookbook, runway, or celebrity looks you would like me to recreate for less, leave a link to the picture below!

Seventeen Freebie Codes September 2011

09/01- classic
09/02- aztec
09/03- distressed
09/04- shiny
09/05- wave
09/06- buckle
09/07- sparkle
09/08- boho
09/09- flirty
09/10- pretty
09/11- pattern
09/12- flare
09/13- striped
09/14- maxi
09/15- trim
09/16- snowflake
09/17- cozy
09/18- fitted
09/19- sculpted
09/20- leopard
09/21- zipper
09/22- bright
09/23- loop
09/24- girly
09/25- floaty
09/26- stretch
09/27- ruffle
09/28- loop
09/29- studs
09/30- drape

Grand Prize- blazer

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Good luck!!