Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes: August 2012

08/01 - denim
08/02 - august
08/03 - comfy
08/04 - skinny
08/05 - rust
08/06 - neon
08/07 - teal
08/08 - blue
08/09 - purple
08/10 - blush
08/11 - white
08/12 - stretchy
08/13 - pastel
08/14 - wide
08/15 - orange
08/16 - dark
08/17 - two
08/18 - bcbg
08/19 - camouflage
08/20 - tripp
08/21 - plaid
08/22 - punk
08/23 - dyed
08/24 - paint
08/25 - cheetah
08/26 - wideleg
08/27 - bootcut
08/28 - fade
08/29 - leggings
08/30 - western
08/31 - jeans

Grand Prize: sears

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Introducing Daily Finds on Facebook!

From now on for every day of the week I will post an interesting internet find on the Shopping Girl vs the World Facebook page!
The topics will be the following:

Sunday Shoeday- SHOES!!!

Make Me Laugh Mondays- No one likes Mondays unless you happen to work at a salon, then you get Mondays off. But for the rest of us, we need something to cheer us up. This is the day for funny videos, articles, and other random links on the internet.

Travel Tuesday- Pictures of dream destinations and fun things to do there including sight-seeing, eating, and, of course, shopping!

Wordy Wednesdays- It can be anything from words of wisdom from icons to definitions of fun words that everyone should know about.

Thrifty Thursday- Tips for shopping in thrift stores and consignment shops and some of the best thrift stores in different cities and states!

Fun Fact Friday- I will share a fun fact about fashion or other interesting things.

Sing It Saturday- I will share the song from any genre, old or new, that I have had on replay all week.

It all starts this Sunday, July 22!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What to Do While the Internet Is Down

If you have recently watched the news or paid attention to trending topics on internet search engines, then you may have heard about the virus that is soon going to re-awaken on everyone's computers.  The virus threatens to disable access to the internet from whatever computer has the virus.
Once the internet goes down what is there to do until you can get it working again? Well I have made a short list of fun, completely free (and random) things to do when you can no longer surf the web.

1. Get Outside

When you can no longer find pictures of your dream travel spots on Pinterest, take a look outside and find the beauty in your own city or town. Enjoy Mother Nature and take a walk though the park or beach.

2. Go Window Shopping

The internet allows you to have pictures of millions of clothes available at your fingertips. You can get inspiration for your own outfits, make up a shopping list, or simply imagine your dream wardrobe or special dress. Get your inspiration

3. Read a Book

Here it is. You knew it was coming. It has always been the answer to "electronic-less boredom". Find a new book to read or re-read one of your favorites. Don't like reading? Take this time to find something you do like to read, try a new genre, look into comic books or graphic novels, even try the magazine rack in your local grocery store or bookstore.

4. Get Your Lolcat Fix IRL

The internet is FULL of pictures of cute animals doing things from sleeping to posing for captioned pictures. Find cute animals in your area by volunteering at the local animal shelter, hanging out at the dog park or walking through pet stores. Get creative and take pictures of your own pets or your friend's pets and caption them to make your own Lolcat images.

5. Go On a Scavenger Hunt

When you're on the internet you can spend hours and hours discovering new things that you had no idea they even existed. Discover new things in your neighborhood, local mall, local college campus, or even explore the city for new things. Grab some friends and make it a mission to find all of the water fountains on a college campus, compete against friends to see who can find the craziest pair of shoes in the mall, go downtown and take pictures of all of the street art.

6. Random/Wild Card

Start a "Facebook" Wall in a Random Place- Grab some chalk and start writing status updates on the sidewalk in front of your house/dorm. Post a piece of paper with the title "Facebook Wall" on a nearby bulletin board and write status updates. Check back often to see who writes back

So that's my list! What would you do if the internet was down and you were bored? Leave your answers below!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day Contest

Check out one of my winning Polyvore sets on Fashion For Jo Jo!

Fashion For Jo Jo: "My Independence": My Independence by alwaysinstyle featuring nautical gold jewelry Listed below are the winners from my "My Independence" cont...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seventeen Magazine Freebies: July 2012

Better late than never!

07/01 - comfy
07/02 - khaki
07/03 - preppy
07/04 - blue
07/05 - breezy
07/06 - vacation
07/07 - casual
07/08 - london
07/09 - tropical
07/10 - mod
07/11 - blossom
07/12 - date
07/13 - feminine
07/14 - cursive
07/15 - purple
07/16 - coral
07/17 - tunic
07/18 - girly
07/19 - sunset
07/20 - heart
07/21 - pleated
07/22 - party
07/23 - beachy
07/24 - bold
07/25 - seashore
07/26 - printed
07/27 - cute
07/28 - fitted
07/29 - fresh
07/30 - flirty
07/31 - hawaii

 Grand Prize Code: wetseal