Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes September 2013

09/01 - PEACH
09/02 - PISTOL
09/03 - MATTE
04 - BITTY
09/05 - PURPLE
09/06 - FLOCK
09/07 - PINK
09/08 - TAFFETA
09/09 - YELLOW
09/10 - BLACK
09/11 - FEATHER
09/12 - GEM
09/13 - NEON
09/14 - GLITTER
09/15 - PARTY
09/16 - INDIGO
09/17 - RED
09/18 - SUGAR
09/19 - SILVER
09/20 - SCARLET
09/21 - BLUE
09/22 - MERMAID
09/23 - GREEN
09/24 - CRUSH
09/25 - CAFE
09/26 - SIX
09/27 - TEENY
09/28 - RAISIN
09/29 - FUCHSIA
09/30 - NAUTICAL

Grand Prize: REVLON

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Introducing Our New Sister Site

Good news everyone! Shopping Girl vs the World is now a big sister!.. to another blog that is.

I, along with my four new roommates have begun a blog to document our experiences in our first apartment, along with the many adventures of college life.

Our blog is appropriately titled, "Playing House". So far we have written about the difficulties of blogging, paying bills, and moving day and there will no doubt be many more to come once school actually begins!

Check out "Playing House" and let us know what you think!

Any Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes August 2013

08/01 - DARK
08/02 - FUNKY
08/03 - PURPLE
08/04 - WORN
08/05 - WIDE
08/06 - SHRED
08/07 - FADED
08/08 - SKINNY
08/09 - BUTTON
08/10 - STUDS
08/11 - DAISY
08/12 - TRIBAL
08/13 - GALAXY
08/14 - IKAT
08/15 - FLORAL
08/16 - ELECTRIC
08/17 - ACID
08/18 - BOOTCUT
08/19 - STRETCHY
08/20 - BLUE
08/21 - GRAY
08/22 - BASIC
08/25 - WESTERN
08/27 - BLACK
08/28 - MAROON
08/29 - LOW
08/30 - JEANS
08/31 - CUFFED

Grand Prize: BCBG

Monday, July 1, 2013

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes July 2013

07/01 – DJ
07/02 – BLONDIE
07/03 – BEATLES
07/04 – DRAKE
07/05 – MADONNA
07/06 – STAR
07/07 – AVRIL
07/08 – NICKI
07/09 – HEAT
07/10 – RIHANNA
07/11 – PURR
07/12 – TAYLOR
07/13 – SOMEDAY
07/14 – ADELE
07/15 – KATY
07/16 – BIEBER
07/17 – BEYONCE
07/19 – KE$HA or KESHA
07/20 – GLEE
07/22 – JASMINE
07/23 – WARRIOR
07/24 – SUMMER
07/25 – WILD
07/26 – CODY
07/27 – JAY
07/28 – XBOX
07/29 – TWISTER
07/30 – DANCE
07/31 – RAVE


Monday, June 24, 2013

What I Have Learned From My First Year In College

Recently, I completed my first year away from home, in college and all I can say is, "Yay! I survived!" A statement like that may lead you to believe that my first year wasn't the best, but it actually was an amazing experience for me. Throughout my entire first year experience, I noticed many things that I thought would have been helpful to know at the beginning of my freshman year.

It's Not Like High School

Photo Credit

Unless you go to a relatively small school where everyone knows everyone, college is nothing like high school. Gone are the days of cliques, rumors that spread like wildfires, and teachers that actually care whether or not you show up to class.
While there may be a few close knit groups (athletes, greeks, etc) they aren't exclusive enough to be called cliques. Everyone pretty much associates with everyone. College is about being yourself and finding who you are. It is not trying to fit in with a certain crowd or hold up a certain image.
And don't worry about making friends or eating alone in the dining hall, no one is going to say, "You can't sit with us!"

The First Month Is Friendly Month

Photo Credit

My biggest concern about going to college was making friends. From the first day I found out that it would not be a problem AT ALL. From the first day you arrive on campus or move into the dorms, people are introducing themselves to you at any chance they get. You can be waiting in line in the bookstore, eating your lunch, or sitting in class and at least one person is going to introduce themselves.

Conversations during the first month usually consists of the same few questions:

  • Name
  • Year
  • Major
  • Where you're from
  • What dorm you are in
EVERYONE will be asking you these questions for at least the first two weeks. Eventually this scripted conversation will die down after the first month, but expect to continue these introductions whenever you start a new class or go to a student organization meeting. 
And don't worry about going to campus events alone. The first week is full of welcome events and many other students there are alone looking for people to meet too. Just be yourself and the friends will come to you, no matter how shy you may be.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Around for Help

Photo Credit

There's nothing worse than being lost or feeling helpless and confused when you're in new setting. Luckily returning students have no problem helping out the freshmen. If you're lost on your way to class, ask someone walking by. And gather information about the school through random conversation. For example, if you're talking to a returning student and they mention the on campus gym, ask them what times the gym is least crowded.
As you meet people throughout the year, you will start to make the connections you need in order to find out more about the school. As you meet other students in your major, ask them which classes are best to take, which professors to avoid, and other questions that will make your class experience a lot easier.
Also, take advantage of the technology era we are living in. Many schools are now creating Facebook groups, and help websites for their students to connect with each other. These groups and websites can be helpful for getting the help you need. For example, in my school I am apart of groups such as Class of 2016, Campus Tips, Jobs and Internships, and my major: Fashion Merchandising. So far these groups have helped me find my roommate, sell my textbooks, register for classes, and even find events and parties happening around campus. Don't be shy, ask around!

If You Have to Take an Early Class, Make Sure It's a Fun One

Photo Credit
My first semester of college, I had an 8am class everyday (yes, Fridays too) and the only thing keeping me from skipping thats class at least twice a week was the most interesting professor ever. For such an early class, there was hardly ever an absent student. This professor was absolutely insane and none of us wanted to miss the chance to see what he would do next. Which is why I recommend making your first class a fun one. This isn't always an easy thing to do for your first semester unless you know someone, but by the end of the semester you should know enough people to get class recommendations. Find out what professors are interesting, crazy, or do a lot of in class activities. If you're not a morning person, the idea of fun may be the only thing to get you out of bed at six in the morning. And if you can't find any good recommendations, there's always Rate My Professor.

Make a Friend in Every Class

Yes, another Mean Girls picture

For those times when you do have to miss class, there's nothing worse then showing up to the next class completely lost or unprepared. To avoid this all you have to do is speak up! On the first day of class don't be afraid to introduce yourself to the people sitting around you. It will be nice to know someone if you ever need help with the class. While some classes may give have the contact information of each student on online sites such as Blackboard, it's never a bad idea to get to know your classmates more or get their phone number.

Have Fun!

Photo Credit

This is college for Pete's sake! These will be the best days of your life so get out there and make it worth it! Go to a concert with your friends, explore the area and find the best spots to hang out, participate in a crazy campus tradition. After all, studying isn't the only part of college. It's all about the experience. 

Any Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes June 2013

06/01 - SPEAKER
06/02 - DOCK
06/03 - DOTS
06/04 - IHOME
06/05 - SLEEK
06/06 - PINK
06/07 - RADIO
06/08 - GREEN
06/10 - ORANGE
06/11 - SKULL
06/12 - SOFT
06/13 - RED
06/14 - SOL
06/15 - FRENDS
06/16 - ROCKET
06/17 - DEMI
06/18 - HUNTER
06/19 - SELENA
06/20 - MINDLESS
06/21 - JUKEBOX
06/22 - CHRIS
06/23 - GAGA
06/24 - CARLY
06/25 - FUN
06/26 - CHER
06/27 - ED
06/28 - MIX
06/29 - BRUNO
06/30 - POSTER

Grand Prize: ID

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SPONSORED: 6 Events You'll Have to Dress Up For In Your Lifetime

Many little girls grow up watching Disney movies and dreaming of one day becoming a princess. This dream stays with you as you grow older and transforms the dream of getting dressed up to feel like a princess. Luckily there are a few events throughout life that allow us to make this dream come true.

Photo Credit

Coming of Age Ceremonies

Different cultures have different celebrations for their daughters once they hit a certain age such as Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, Debutante Balls, and Sweet Sixteen Parties just to name a few. Each of these celebrations not only celebrate a girl becoming a woman, but also presents her with her first opportunity  to feel like a princess for a day.
Not only is it the chance to be princess for a day, but it also happens to be your birthday making your day even more special!

High School Prom

Photo Credit

High School Prom: An event you look forward to as soon as you learn what one is and an event you'll look back on for the rest of your life. Many girls spend months preparing for this last big event of high school (besides graduation of course), and spend a countless number of hours searching for the perfect dress. The day of prom is then spent being pampered as only a royal heiress does. 

Photo Credit

College Formals

Whether you're a part of a Sorority, being recognized in an academic dinner, or going as someone's date, you will probably attend at least one formal while you're in college. 
The first rule for finding a dress for a college formal is that it is NOT prom. A general rule to avoid over-doing it at a college formal is to think of it as your high school homecoming (without the ridiculous dress code restrictions of course). 

Photo Credit

Your Wedding 

Your wedding is the one day of your life where it really is all about Y-O-U! It's time to do what you want! Go all out in a princess style ball gown or be an individual in a short, vintage style dress.
The possibilities are endless and it can be hard to choose but in the end you only have one job: to find the dress that makes you feel beautiful and have your greatest princess moment. 

Photo Credit

Holiday Parties

During the winter holiday season you may get invited to many parties by friends, family, or your place of employment. While many will be casual or semi-formal, you may have a few chances to get fully dressed up in formal attire. 
Rule Number 1 for casual and smaller, more intimate get togethers: You can never go wrong with an LBD! Also, try not to upstage your host. It's okay to be fabulous, but let your host have a night to be fabulous too!
For formal events don't be afraid to be a little glamorous. It is the most magical time of year after all!


Photo Credit

Not everyone will have the opportunity to go to a ball or gala in their lifetime. These types of events are usually held by places of work, museums and galleries, or apart of charity. This is your chance for a red carpet moment. Make sure your attire is appropriate for the organization hosting it. For example a low-cut gown may be appropriate at one event but may not be at a ball hosted by a more conservative organization. 

Be sure to check out JJ's House for all your formal event needs!

Any Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes May 2013

05/01 - MOD
05/02 - EDGY
05/03 - SHARKS
05/04 - TRIBAL
05/05 - MAGENTA
05/06 - SILVER
05/07 - FRINGE
05/08 - RAINBOW
05/09 - RED
05/10 - IKAT
05/11 - DOTS
05/12 - FLORAL
05/13 - STUDS
05/14 - GREEN
05/15 - POLKA
05/16 - PURPLE
05/17 - YELLOW
05/18 - STRIPES
05/19 - RUFFLES
05/20 - TROPICAL
05/21 - BOLD
05/22 - BLACK
05/23 - BLUE
05/24 - CORAL
05/25 - BEACH
05/26 - SNAKE
05/27 - MULTI
05/28 - FEATHER
05/29 - PINK
05/30 - PLAID
05/31 - ZEBRA

Win a trip to NYC to the Seventeen offices here! Grand Prize: BONGO
Six Flags: RIDE
Shutterfly PhotoBook: PICTURE
Cover Look: POOL
Dior Polish: NAIL
Cupcakes: CUPCAKE
Bangles: CUTE
Junkfood Tee: TEE
Obey Tank: SHIRT
Kardashian Zebra Towel: TOWEL
Beach Riot Mod One Piece: 17SWIM
$20 Lulu's gift card: LULU$
$50 Lulu's Gift card: STYLE
Summerize your look products: PRETTY
Chloe Perfume: SCENT
Proactive: SKIN
Kiss Stick on Nail Stickers: KISS
Sublime Sun Tanner: SUN
St Tropez Tanner:BRONZE
Wet n Wild Lip Balm: JUICY
Personalized Coach Bag: DIARY
Boomchickapop Popcorn: SNACK
Grils' Generation CD: GIRLS
Quick Pop Maker: ZOKU
Schwinn Beach Cruiser: SCHWINN
Vera Bradley Tote: VERABRADLEY
Pilot Pens and Target Gift Card: SCHOOL
Windows Phone 8x: PHONE
Olive Garden Gift Card: OLIVE
Kindle Fire HD: TABLET
Olympus Camera: CAMERA
Little Mix CD: WINGS
Roku + Netflix Subscription: MOVIES
Ettika friendship bracelet: FRIEND
Awkward Season 1 and 2: AWKWARD
Personal Astro Profile: ASTRO

Friday, April 5, 2013

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes April 2013

04/01 - HAIR
04/02 - VOLUME
04/03 - MASK
04/04 - SHAMPOO
04/05 - GEL
04/07 - BRUSH
04/08 - CHAIN
04/09 - ELASTIC
04/10 - ROUND
04/11 - GLITTER
04/12 - FEATHER
04/13 - STARS
04/14 - SUAVE
04/15 - OIL
04/16 - SHINE
04/17 - MOROCCAN
04/18 - BOOST
04/19 - RAIN
04/20 - DRY
04/21 - AUSSIE
04/22 - SMOOTH
04/24 - MOUSSE
04/25 - TAME
04/26 - WAVES
04/27 - CREAM
04/28 - BERRY
04/29 - CARROTS

Grand Prize- GARNIER

Monday, March 11, 2013

How to FInd Your Perfect Prom Dress

If you are a high school senior or even junior, prom season is coming up fast and dress shopping is in full swing by now. While some have known exactly the dress they want since freshman year, others may have a more difficult time finding a dress. So what's a girl to do when prom is right around the corner?
Here a few tips to finding your perfect prom dress.

1. Get An Idea

Photo Credit

Your first step in finding the perfect prom dress is to figure out what kind of dress you want. Do you want a short dress? A long dress? Sleeves? Strapless? Do you want a trendy prom dress or something more classic? These are all good questions to consider when deciding what prom dress to wear.
It is also a good idea to learn what type of dresses work best for your body type and which dresses will bring attention to the most flattering parts of your body while hiding the parts you don't want to call attention to.
When it was time for me to look for prom dresses, I had no idea what formal dresses worked well with my body. Luckily, I found a helpful tool on Rent the Runway. When shopping for a dress on the website, there is a tool that allows you to narrow down the dresses by occasion, age, length, and the most helpful tool: body type. The tool picks out all of the dresses that will work on your body type. Even if you choose not to get your dress from this site, it is extremely helpful in helping you learn what cuts look well on you.

2. Find Inspiration

Photo Credit

Once you have an idea of what you want, you need to get inspired! Finding something to base your dress on will give you ideas, narrow down the possibilities, and help you find your dress faster.
Start with the theme of your school's prom. Whether the theme is Hollywood GlamourAncient Greece, or even Under the Sea, there is bound to be a coordinating dress.
To take it a step further, get ideas from dresses seen in your favorite movies and TV shows. For example I found inspiration for my prom from the old animated movie Anastasia. Start paying attention to any movie with formal events in them and take notes (you don't really have to write anything). It's a great excuse to have a movie night with friends!

3. Red Carpet Watching

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Red Carpet season is the best time of year for prom-goers. Not only do you get inspiration from the glamorous dames of Hollywood, but you get knockoffs of the dresses! Prom dress retailers jump at the chance to have dresses inspired by the best dresses on the red carpet.

Go through pictures from the red carpet to get inspiration for your dress, or better yet, one that looks close to it. Also pay attention to stars with a similar body type, height, or skin tone to you to get ideas on cuts and colors that work for you.
It's even the perfect opportunity to look for hair, makeup, accessories, and even nails for your big night!

Now that you have gotten some tips on how to find your perfect prom dress, it's time to get out there! Getting started is the hardest part and once you find a place to start, things will all start to fall in place. And these tips just aren't for prom. Use this method to find the perfect dress for any formal event!
Have fun!

Any Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes March 2013

03/01 – EYELINER
03/04 – JANE
03/05 – JOUER
03/06 – BUXOM
03/07 – LUSH
03/08 – PALETTE
03/09 – KHROMA
03/10 – BRIGHT
03/11 – NP
03/12 – BRUSHES
03/13 – RIHANNA
03/14 – SUGAR
03/15 – FACE
03/16 – STILA
03/17 – NCLA
03/18 – GREEN
03/19 – SELENA
03/20 – PEACHY
03/21 – NATURAL
03/22 – BLUE
03/23 – PLUM
03/24 – EPICUREN
03/25 – STRONG
03/26 – QUEEN
03/27 – LIPSTICK
03/28 – HUSTLE
03/29 – BUBBLY
03/30 – TRIO
03/31 – GLOSS

Grand Prize: Remix