Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes: The Freebie Issue!

Personalized astro report- astro
Signed Justin Beiber CD- bieber
Beach Swag Bag- beach
Blotting linens- blot
Lulu's blouse- sweet
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn DVD- bella
Sun Shimmer maxi bronzer- sunkiss
Screening of Dark Shadows- darkshadows
Dove Deodorant- bright
Infallible eyeshadow- longwear
Fitness swag bag- swag
Glee CD- glee
Ice pop maker- pop
Polka-dot bikini- fun
Karaoke machine- karaoke
New Laptop- idea
Tablet- tablet
Loli Swim bikini- cute
Mandalynn Swimsuit- glam
Ultra Volume mascara- lashes
Maybelline blush- flush
Tinted mineral sunscreen- mineral
LeSportsac mini bag- camera
Make It or Break It DVD- makeit
Mousse makeup- mousse
Bro Bundle of DVDs- bro
Nutra Nail gel nail polish- tangerine
Nintendo 3DS and game- game
Nook Color- read
Cream blush NYX- orange
NYX Jumbo Eye pencil- purple
PacSun One Piece- bold
Physicians Formula lip gloss- colorchange
Aerie bra- concert
Face roll on wax kit- roll
Sally Hansen Nail Strips- stars
Pixi Lid Last Shadow pen- sheen
Fred Flare Skates- skate
Self Tanning Sunscreen (supergoop)- tan
Matrix Design Pulse Mega Dust Spray- texture
O'Neill Tote- sun
Simply Vera Wang face powder- glow
Victoria Secret beauty fragrance- mist

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Trend: Flower Power!

When Spring rolls around, one thing comes to mind first: flowers! Floral prints are a recurring trend every spring but this year, it's louder than ever and brighter than ever.Floral prints were seen in head to toe looks on the runways.
When wearing floral prints this year don't be afraid to go bold. Try prints in neon colors or with varying sizes. For a toned down floral look, try wearing a floral top, skirt, or pants paired with  a neutral or take it up a notch by paiting it with a brightly colored top or bottom in the same color family.
For a floral look from head to toe, try a floral print dress or jumpsuit. Nude shoes will always work but try adding brightly colored shoes for more of a bold look.

Old takes on the trend:

Eleonora of Toledo, 1543     Princess Grace Kelly, 1955    Melissa Joan Hart, 90s

Floral Print All Over

A Single Floral Piece

Floral Accessories

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm on Pinterest!

Hey everyone, good news: You can now following Shopping Girl vs the world on Pinterest!

My profile --->here<--- includes the boards:

Outfit Inspiration- outfits that I find that I want to replicate
Y.U.M.M.Y- food that looks delicious
Clothes I LOVE- clothes that I LOVE!!!
Hair- natural hair inspiration and styles
Funny things- things for a laugh
Dorm Ideas- inspiration for my dorm and yours
Nails- nail art that I love and want to try

I hope you find it interesting!!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Prom Shopping Tip #2: Use Those Codes!

Prom is getting closer! If you plan on buying your dress, shoes, accessories, or anything else online, make sure you take advantage of coupon codes!

Yay for throwback magazine covers!
Make sure to use your social skills and sign up for emails, follow on twitter, or like on facebook the stores you are planning on shopping at. You'll be the first to know whenever they have sales, or coupon codes to save you money.
Also take advantage of your birthday. If you have a birthday in April or May, sign up for all the stores you can. Most stores send out special coupon codes just for your birthday.

Around this time of year, jewelry and beauty stores are flooded with prom shoppers and to bring in even more coupons and coupon codes are sent out all over the internet. Prom magazines are full of them. Special issues like Seventeen Prom and Teen Magazine Prom are full of coupin codes and contests on many of the pages. And make sure you pay attention to the ads. Some ads can be traded in for a makeover if you bring them to department store makeup counters or nationwide hair salons.

Last but not least don't make the mistake of buying something online for full price because you didn't get emailed a coupon code. Many people are kind enough to post coupon codes they received online for everyone to see. All you have to do is search on google (ex: "promgirl coupon codes" or "rent the runway coupon codes" etc.).

I hope these tips will help you and happy prom shopping!

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Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes April 2012

04/01- gold
04/02- sunshine
04/03- spring
04/04- relax
04/05- vacation
04/06- shades
04/07- sunny
04/08- wave
04/09- knit
04/10- stripes
04/11- denim
04/12- tribal
04/13- floral
04/14- plaid
04/15- neon
04/16- red
04/17- purple
04/18- nude
04/19- violet
04/20- plum
04/21- glitter
04/22- beach
04/23- play
04/24- green
04/25- athletic
04/26- tote
04/27- backpack
04/28- sunset
04/29- sunscreen
04/30- suntan

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