Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: The Little Things

When buying gifts, we may feel obligated to buy expensive extravagant items especially for family members and close friends but what we don't realize is that little inexpensive items, depending on what they are, may have an even greater impact.

1. Handmade things:
There are times when you need to take it back to elementary school days when your gifts included pine cone ornaments and popsicle stick action figures.
Use one of your talents/hobbies or create something based on the interests of your "gift reciever". Bake some cookies for the foodie in your life, make a quilt for the sleepyheads you know, or paint a vase for the flower child next door.
Homemade Gifts Ideas

2. Gifted Memories:
Use items from memories that you share with someone.
For example, create a scrapbook from all of the pictures you have with each other, make a pillow out of your old baby blanket for your mom, or create a custom CD for your friend of your favorite songs from when you were younger.

3. Inside Jokes and Gifts for a Laugh:
Got a funny memory or know your friend's favorite childhood toy? Buy a fun gift for everyone you know. Does your dad keep talking about his favorite childhood cartoon? Buy him an action figure of the main character. Got a friend who loves bacon? Buy them some soap that smells like bacon.Your co-worker has never seen snow? How about snow in a can?
Perpetual Kid
Fred Flare

Any questions, comments, or other ideas? Leave them below!

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