Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seventeen Magazine Freebie Codes: The Freebie Issue!

Personalized astro report- astro
Signed Justin Beiber CD- bieber
Beach Swag Bag- beach
Blotting linens- blot
Lulu's blouse- sweet
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn DVD- bella
Sun Shimmer maxi bronzer- sunkiss
Screening of Dark Shadows- darkshadows
Dove Deodorant- bright
Infallible eyeshadow- longwear
Fitness swag bag- swag
Glee CD- glee
Ice pop maker- pop
Polka-dot bikini- fun
Karaoke machine- karaoke
New Laptop- idea
Tablet- tablet
Loli Swim bikini- cute
Mandalynn Swimsuit- glam
Ultra Volume mascara- lashes
Maybelline blush- flush
Tinted mineral sunscreen- mineral
LeSportsac mini bag- camera
Make It or Break It DVD- makeit
Mousse makeup- mousse
Bro Bundle of DVDs- bro
Nutra Nail gel nail polish- tangerine
Nintendo 3DS and game- game
Nook Color- read
Cream blush NYX- orange
NYX Jumbo Eye pencil- purple
PacSun One Piece- bold
Physicians Formula lip gloss- colorchange
Aerie bra- concert
Face roll on wax kit- roll
Sally Hansen Nail Strips- stars
Pixi Lid Last Shadow pen- sheen
Fred Flare Skates- skate
Self Tanning Sunscreen (supergoop)- tan
Matrix Design Pulse Mega Dust Spray- texture
O'Neill Tote- sun
Simply Vera Wang face powder- glow
Victoria Secret beauty fragrance- mist


  1. What about the Juice 100 tennis racket, a Wilson Tennis Tour backpack, a sports bottle, Tour Ikon shoes, Wilson tennis dress, and 12 pack of tennis balls code?

  2. No code needed for that one!

  3. what about the Breyers ice cream, selena gomez's perfume, teen wolf season 1 on DVD?

  4. wait i found another website with the other codes.

    1. Thanks! I could not find those!!!