Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School Shopping: Consignment Shops

This year for Back to School shopping, I decided to visit local consignment shops and see what I could find. Consignment shops are places where people can take their clothes (used and in good condition or never worn) to sell them and make money. It is by buying other people's clothes that gives you amazing deals.

 I have heard by many expert shoppers about the wonders of consignment and vintagae stores, but I have never tried them out until now. Now I am hooked! Here are my finds from yesterday:

A blush toned cashmere cardigan from Talbots for $18.97. Still in perfect condition.

And my most amazing find of the day: A pure white blazer from Iisli New York for only $10! Also in perfect condition

This was my favorite piece from my mom's find's of the day: A brand new Jessica Simpson bag for $25.

Consignment shopping is like a treasure hunt, where designer clothes suddenly fit in your budget and if you're lucky, they are brand new and never worn.
Know that when you are going to consignment shops, the clothes there will always be in good condition because it is a requirement for selling them.
It is also a good idea to keep a list of designers and brands that make high quality clothing. It can change your perspective sometimes.

Photo effects courtesy of Pixlr O-matic
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