Thursday, August 4, 2011

Magazine Issue Worth Reading: InStyle Makeover 2011

Fall is the best time of year to completely makeover your look and the yearly InStyle Makeover Issue is always very helpful, but I thought that this year's issue was the greatest of them all for five reasons:

1. Rachel Bilson- Rachel Bilson has always been interesting and fashionable, which is evident in both her effortless street style and her monthly column in the magazine. In this issue, she channels Cindy Crawford, Ali MacGraw, and Audrey Hepburn. Not only was her photo shoot stunning, but her interview displayed her glamorous yet down to Earth personality.

2. "How to Look Your Best Online"- This two page article teaches you how to always look fabulous online. It gives tips for taking photos that will be posted online and explains how to post or tweet things without regretting it later.

3. Naya Rivera- Her ladylike outfits and photographs are an amazing refresher from her usual Cheerios uniform and short skirts of Glee!

4. "The 50 Best fashion Tips Of All Time"- A ten page spread showing you little ways to update you wardrobe and look your best. It includes timeless advice ("Hem your pants to a specific shoe height") with a trendy twist ("Mix your prints") and pieces of clothing to buy that will never go out of style (white button downs). It is definitely an article worth filing away for later or sharing with others.

5. "Where the Editor's Shop (for bargains)"- Two pages of shopping advice from the editors of InStyle. The editors explain the places they love to find the latest trends for a small amount of money. It includes places from Dollar Tree for bra clips to Army and Navy Surplus stores for military wear.

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