Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Little Ways to Get Moving in a Busy Life for Free!

As we go further into the school year, between homework, jobs, and a social life, there are few oppurtunities for exercise (and let's admit it, working out only on the weekends isn't enough).
Here are a few simple ways to add a little movement in your everyday life.

1. Dance around a little- Take a little break from studying and dance around to your favorite song or create an upbeat playlist that you can dance to while cleaning. Not only will it get you moving, but it will put you in a better mood. When homework is frustrating you, taking a short dancing break will give you a small "Runner's High" which will help you stay focused on your work.

2. Tap it out- While reading, on the computer, or other activities that involve sitting for a while, fidget a little. Tap your foot, wiggle a little to some music, bounce your leg anything that involves small movements. Just make sure they are natural enough not to make you look like a crazy person! Research shows that fidgeters burn about 350 more calories a day than those who don't fidget.

3. Step to it- This is a workout that many people have used for many years: The step stool! I didn't think of the idea until using the step workout on the Wii Fit.
Think of how much time you spend watching TV; instead of sitting through the whole show or movie, take steps on and off the stool and if you're great at multi-tasking, do it while reading. (80s leotard not required)

4. Do it yourself- If you have younger siblings or cousins, then you may sometimes have them get things for you ("Can you go upstairs and get my phone?"). Get moving by getting things yourself; your family members will thank you.

5. Go the extra mile- Not literally of course, but this one's a no brainer. If you've got the time, walk to your destination instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Park farther away in the parking lot.

Staying healthy with a busy schedule can be difficult, but staying active can involve simple and short steps!

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