Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Trend: Statement Earrings

It's spring! Time to be upbeat and happy! Okay so that's not always the case, but with all of the bright colors and interesting accessories hitting the runways and stores, how can you not help but feel a little cheery?
Statement earrings have taken back the spotlight from statement necklaces and have been showing up everywhere from models, to celebrities, to everyday people.
The key to statement earrings are one word: Statement! They should be your most noticable accessory. Think of words that draw attention; big, bright, long, or quirky.
To master statement earrings keep your other jewelry simple. It shouldn't distract from the pieces of art hanging at your ears.

Old takes on the trend:

Nefertari c. 1254 B.C.,           Twiggy c. 1960s,           Salt-n-Pepa c. 1980s

Statement earrings can be found anywhere at different price ranges from flea markets to department stores. You can even get creative and easily make them yourself.

Lulu's $36.00
Forever21 $3.80

Charlotte Russe $6.00
Modcloth $41.99

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