Friday, July 22, 2011

Use Your Social Skills

Technology allows us to keep in touch with people all over the world and share our ideas. It also helps us become insiders with our favorites stores and designers. Being in on a secret sale or discount can be as simple as hitting "Like", "Follow", or "Subscribe".
The advantages of different social networking sites vary depending on the store. Stores on Facebook will usually tell their fans about sales before anyone else and offer contests only available to fans. Followers of stores, designers, and magazines on Twitter will usually receive special discount codes, tips on how to wear or use their product, and contests.
Many stores want people to sign up for their email lists so much that they offer a certain amount off of their next order. By receiving daily or weekly emails, you have access to secret sales, coupon codes, and sneak peeks at new collections. Email isn't the only mail you should subscribe to however. A store's catalog sometimes comes with a coupon or code to use on your next order.

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