Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hair Transition Update

It has now been eight months since my last relaxer and my hair is getting long enough for me to get a closer look at my natural curl pattern (that's a curl in that picture in case you couldn't tell). Since I have about the same amount of natural hair as relaxed hair, I am unable to continue doing my normal Bantu Knot without my hair looking like a bird's nest. My hair is just to thick! It made me want to big chop right then and there!
After watching a countless number of YouTube videos, I decided to try a simple Twist Out

I had to add the rollers because my ends dry out easily

What I noticed while twisting my hair was that my relaxed ends were twisting easily but the natural hair was fighting against it and not staying in the twists at all. The result I got the next morning was less than satisfactory. 
That's not cute at all
After more YouTube watching I settled on a Braid Out which turned out really well!

I have been doing the braid outs for the past two weeks. I love it because it not only is agreeable with my thick hair but it is also closely resembles my natural curl pattern more than my usual Bantu Knot.

Any questions or comments? Leave them below!

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  1. I really like your braid out. It compliments your face so well. My braid outs are awful but my twist outs are fabulous. It also looks like its making your hair grow too. That's the best. My fro is huge, retro. Congrats on the transition.