Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

One phrase that definitely describes me is "Daddy's Girl". I've been that way since birth and always will be.
When going through old boxes I often saw many of my dad displaying the fashions of the decades. Although most of the time I laugh at my dad's clothing choices, I still find pictures where he shows style in other ways.

This Bow Tie

Bow ties are awesome. There's nothing more to say

This White Prom Tux

Note: Another Bow Tie

I wish I would have scanned this picture so the image would be better because this deserves to be looked at! My dad completed the look with white gloves and he rocked it!

Bell-bottomed Sailor Uniform?

Maybe it's just me, but these pants seemed extra flared out at the bottom. Oh well, a good pair of sunglasses is always a good thing to have. 

A Man's Love for His First Car

And he kept this car until I was about seven years old. Two thumbs up for the sweater.

This Picture

Now I don't know who put this speech bubble on the picture, but I like it. 

He Loves His Wife 

Another Bow tie :)
They have been together for forever (okay so twenty years isn't forever but it is older than me) and their love only grows stronger each day. 

He Loves His Kids

My dad always made sure he spent time with us before and after his deployments and now we get to spend even more time with him and it's the best!

I Love My Dad

No matter how old I get and no matter where I go I will always be Daddy's Little Girl :)

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  1. Happy Fathers Day Dre!! Great Job Alia! I love the view of fashion through Dad's lens. The bow-tie must have some type of mystic! 8-)