Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Big Chopped!

After a ten month transition, I decided to cut off all of my relaxed ends and become 100% natural. My original plan had been to go at least a year and a half before cutting it because I wanted to keep my length. It took a random burst of courage and frustration for me to cut it off.
For the past two months I considered cutting my hair. I figured that it would be a little easier to manage if I didn't have to worry about matching my straight hair to my curly hair and that my natural hair would be healthier without all the dead weight.

After going through my first week of college life and living in the dorms, I saw how difficult it would be to work my hair into my schedule. It seemed like it would be easy at first because I would be finished with all of my classes by noon everyday. I would have almost all day to do my hair right? The problem came when I tried to work around my eating schedule. Although I would have time to wash and put my hair into twists or Bantu knots, did I really want to walk into the dining hall with my hair twisted up, wet, or in a plastic bag?
I tried to wash my hair after I ate dinner but my hair is so thick that it wouldn't be dry by morning. In a moment of frustration, I decided that when I went home that weekend, I would cut my hair.

After chopping I had mixed emotions about my hair. Sometimes it was like, "I love my hair!" and other times it it was horrible, "I can't believe I cut my hair off!". A few weeks later, I still have moments of regret, but most of the time, I absolutely love my hair. It's easier to manage, and already healthier and now all I have to do is watch it grow.

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    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback and support! It definitely made my day :)