Monday, September 10, 2012

New Uses for Peroxide

1. Whitening Teeth 

For better results, whitening your teeth with peroxide requires two steps.

  • First: Brush your teeth with baking soda. Do this by either shaking baking soda onto a wet brush or by dipping a wet brush into a box of baking soda; whichever works best for you.
  • Second: Swish with a mixture of equal parts peroxide and water for two minutes.

2. Mouthwash

Swishing with an equal mix of water and peroxide can also help freshen breath.

3. Canker sores

When a painful canker sore pops up in your mouth, mix together an equal amount of peroxide and water use a cotton swab to dab the mixture onto the sore. You should see improvement of the sore within 24 hours.

4. Stain Removal

Besides using peroxide to remove blood from clothing, it also works for getting small spots off of white garments. Pour a small amount onto the stain and let it soak in and voila! The stain begins to lift before your eyes! Wash afterwards for full removal.
It also comes in handy when you're about to leave and notice a small stain on your clothes. Just put some peroxide on a cotton swab and apply to the stain to make it less noticeable.

5. Acne

To get rid of acne on your body in places such as your back or chest, don't spend money on fancy cleansers. Instead, create a daily regiment of rubbing alcohol and peroxide.

  • At night use a cotton ball to apply rubbing alcohol to your affected areas. Make sure to get the whole area (whole back/chest, etc) and not just the areas that are breaking out. 
  • In the morning do the same but with peroxide.
The at night alcohol helps to clean out your pores and the peroxide in the morning kills any acne causing bacteria forming on the surface of your skin.

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