Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enter Contests

Click here for a list of contests and check other magazines that you read and websites you visit even for more.

One of the easiest ways to get something you want is by entering contests. Whether you want a new bag, a new car, or cash, there are contests for it. 
There are hundreds of people all over the world that want to give you things for free! For many of them, all you have to do is enter a few pieces of information about yourself; it takes only a few seconds. Some require you to do more such as telling them why you want to win the contest, or submitting a photo of yourself; only a few more minutes for a prize that is well worth it right?
There are two main mistakes people make when entering contests online:
  1. Not entering because they aren't interested in the prize
  2. Not reading or glancing at the rules
Fix Number One: Even if you do not like the prize, enter it anyway. Chances are, someone else does want it. Think of your situation: If you have a friend who could use that prize and they just happen to have a birthday coming up, it can be the perfect gift. Another option is to sell the prize for a little less than what it goes for in store for 100% profit

Fix number Two: You should always glance at the rules to check the minimum or maximum age requirement and the number of entries allowed. It does no good to enter a contest when you aren't even old enough. If this is the case, ask your parents if you can enter them. I'm sure they will be okay with receiving anything for free.
The number of entries is important because it can give you a better chance at winning. Most contests only allow one entry per person but some allow you to enter multiple times, increasing your chances.
Whenever you win a contest, the feeling is great, but when you don't win, don't get discouraged because a win will eventually come!
I hope this post was helpful and good luck!

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