Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Cap Toe Ballet Flats

By now you have probably seen or at least heard of cap toe ballet flats. The bright pastels, and color blocking trends of spring have led to a new take on an old memnswear trend and they have quickly been gaining popularity .
Those of you who follow Shopping Girl on twitter may have recently seen a tweet letting you know that a post on DIY Cap Toe Ballet Flats was coming soon. Well here it is! 

All you need to make these shoes are

-1. A pair of solid color ballet flats                               --2. A small permanent marker----------------------------3. A large permanent marker                 ----------------4. Paper towels                          -------------------------5. Ruler (if needed)                      ------------------------While a neutral is traditionally the base color on cap toe shoes, any color can work, especially if you're trying to go bold! I chose bright purple flats (stolen from my mom's closet). 

Next I flattened the toe of the shoe to draw a straight line across it using a regular sized Sharpie permanent marker. 
At this point, the ruler may come in handy to make sure the lines on both shoes are even.
After making sure the lines on each shoe are even, use the larger permanent marker to fill in the toe above the line. (*Note*: Large permamnent markers usually have a strong smell. I suggest doing this part outside or near an open window. Even wearing a mask would b ea good idea!). Don't forget to fill in the areas under the shoe near the seams. Once you get closer to the edges of the shoe, it may be easier to use the smaller marker for more accuracy. Once you are done coloring it, place it on a paper towel to dry. Mine didn't bleed once I drew on the shoe but this is just to be safe! To be sure the color of the toe is completely opaque, go over the shoe two or three times with the marker. Once you are done with one shoe fill in the toes on the other show to allow time for the first coat to dry. Allow one hour dry time before wearing.Although the marker will be dry and won't rub off, it takes about one day for the smell to wear off. I suggest letting it dry outside, near a window, or in the garage in order to keep your house fume free.

The Finished Product!

Any questions or comments? Leave them below!

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